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    Meet Amber P. Jones

    Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker

    Amber P. Jones is originally from Los Angeles, CA.  Since she was a teen she knew she wanted to help people to become their best selves.  She has spent over a decade coaching ladies and teens to reach their greatest potential.  In 2014 Amber founded Diamond In The Rough Outreach, a character enrichment program for teen girls.

    You may not be responsible for your brokenness, but you are responsible for your healing.

     Amber P. Jones


    Imagine tapping into your greatest potential, and becoming your best you!  Now imagine that this extraordinary"you" is not in your imagination at all, but your reality! In the same way that an athletic coach coaches an athlete by sculpting and shaping them to success, a life coach can help to guide you in the right direction to attain your ultimate goals while identifying what has been holding you back.  Amber is ready to help you on the start of your journey to be the best you possible.  Sign up below for a free consultation.



    "Amber has encouraged me by caring for the things that I cared about.  She has given me her listening ear.  She has encouraged and guided me in going after the career I wanted.  Her coaching has given me the strength to press my way through difficult times, and difficult people by her words of wisdom and leading by example."

    -T. Batiste

    "Amber is polished, poised, and professional!  She has a unique gift of communicating effectively to every generation and genre of people.  She is exceptional to watch!"

    -GL Davis

    "Amber Jones is the epitome of a leader!!! As a coach, she has challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  She has pushed me towards being a better woman.  She has guided me down uncomfortable paths towards my success."

    -P. Brown

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