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"Amber Jones is the epitome of a leader!!! As a coach, she has challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  She has pushed me towards being a better woman.  She has guided me down uncomfortable paths towards my success."

-P. Brown

"Amber is polished, poised, and professional!  She has a unique gift of communicating effectively to every generation and genre of people.  She is exceptional to watch!"

-GL Davis

"I was a lost college student when I met Amber J through one of her mentor programs.  It was a time in my life that I was struggling with low self-esteem,insecurities, and looking for love in all the wrong places.  I immediately started to notice that I was growing into a better woman.  Amber was the type of coach that made herself available when I needed her.  It didn't matter if  I felt sad or just needed advice.  I felt like I could discuss anything with her without being judged.  She taught me to realize my self-worth and confidence with her positive words.  She pushed me and supported me in my dreams, and I will never forget that!"

-J. Bintwasi

"Amber is a great coach to talk to.  She listens without judgement.  She remains my go to person for advice."

-B. Ramirez

"Amber has encouraged me by caring for the things that I cared about.  She has given me her listening ear.  She has encouraged and guided me in going after the career I wanted.  Her coaching has given me the strength to press my way through difficult times, and difficult people by her words of wisdom and leading by example."

-T. Batiste

"Amber Jones has been coaching many young girls and women for years.  The need for coaching at a young age is vital and can help change the trajectory of a persons life.  I have personally benefited from Amber being a resounding board and voice of reason in my life.  I know that her coaching has impacted girls from school age, college, and women of all ages."

-J. Plunkett

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