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Diamond in the Rough Outreach (DITR), a 501(c)3 organization, has been serving the Greater Houston area since 2014.  DITR is a character enrichment program aimed at empowering young ladies to take on the world with purpose.  DITR aims to ignite change in the community and families by building confident and socially responsible leaders.  


DITR provides mentorship to reinforce positive mindsets and responsible behaviors in a fun, caring, encouraging and safe environment where girls can freely share and be themselves.

Diamond is a metaphor to associate the universal classification of diamonds to the potential characteristics of our young ladies. The four "C's" of a diamond are, Cut (Core Values), Carat (Self- Worth), Color (Character), and Clarity (Brilliance). We believe that these four qualities, when enhanced in any individual, produce excellence, and allows them to stand out from the crowd. Program participants are encouraged to embrace their unique individuality through understanding self-awareness, identity, and social responsibility.


Supporting girls who choose to break barriers in leadership by building self-esteem through the reinforcement of positive mindsets and responsible behaviors.



Equipping leaders of tomorrow to become strong, confident ladies who dare to dream and pursue them with passion, and becoming ladies that will serve as a beacon of leadership to other young ladies.

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